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From 1st August you will be able to book your seats online. You can choose your seats from the plan and print your own tickets. Simply go to the booking page on our website and click on the link. Then just follow the instructions. You will still be able to book by telephone or email if you prefer.

Yes, Prime Minister

The UK is in crisis, debt is spiralling, unemployment is on the rise and the fragile coalition cabinet, led by Prime Minister Jim Hacker is at breaking point. But salvation may exist in the form of a complex pipeline deal with the oil rich country of Kumranistan that would entitle the government to a multi trillion pound loan. When the Kumranistan foreign secretary makes a shocking request of Jim's private secretary, Bernard Woolley, moral considerations collide with the economic future of the nation. But how will Jim and his team reconcile the two? Political machinations, media manipulation and an appeal for divine intervention ensue.


This hilarious play centres on a voluble cleaning woman who keeps telling the cops how to mind their business and who steps forward with the right evidence in every pinch. She lives in the basement of the office building she cleans and one night finds a body. By the time the police arrive, there is no body and no evidence. The wrong alarms are sent out, murdered men turn up alive, and the whole thing is chalked up to the cleaning woman's imagination until an unidentified body is discovered on a distant hill and the cleaning woman uncovers more evidence in the course of her duties. Is the company owner staging his own murder? Or did he kill his wife's lover? Is the lover a firm employee or someone else? Where do the two female assistants fit in? What is the wife withholding?

Spider's Web

Clarissa, the wife of a Foreign Office diplomat, is given to daydreaming. ‘Supposing I were to come down one morning and find a dead body in the library, what should I do?’ she muses. Clarissa has her chance to find out when she discovers a body in the drawing-room of her house in Kent. Desperate to dispose of the body before her husband comes home with an important foreign politician, Clarissa persuades her three house guests to become accessories and accomplices. It seems that the murdered man was not unknown to certain members of the house party (but which ones?), and the search begins for the murderer and the motive, while at the same time trying to persuade a police inspector that there has been no murder at all.